Welcome to my website, where you can access materials that I’ve written across a wide spectrum of ideas and information.

Are you interested in the concept of living your life intentionally, with purpose? Then you should click on the tabs above to see the subjects that I deal with under that heading, or, if you’d like more information, you can read the descriptions below and click on the links provided.

Intentional Happiness—anything and everything that has to do with how we can create a happier life for ourselves, from media to observations of others to tales from what’s going on with me. I have a pretty broad definition of what topics are related to happiness.

Intentional Hospitality—a blog that gives you ideas and recipes for dinner parties and receptions. It’s not focused on family dinners. There are lots of cooking blogs that do that. I’m interested in helping you plan and execute what I call “gatherings.”

Intentional Conservatism—I don’t write much of my own material on this blog, but you can access what I do write and be directed to my Facebook page where I post articles from other sources. I started this blog back in July 2016 as the election was heating up, and I’ve stayed interested and appalled, in about equal measure, ever since.

But wait! What about “Behind the Music” in the sidebar? That will lead you to a whole other website, where you can find articles I’ve written about various musical selections that I’ve sung during my time as a member of the Cherry Creek Chorale here in the Denver area. I started writing these pieces just for the Chorale members but then decided that perhaps it would be helpful to other groups singing this music. For a small fee, choral groups may get an individualized e-book with articles about the pieces in their current concerts. Full information about that service is provided on the blog sidebar.

Coming soon:

Intentional Eating—sounds a little weird, doesn’t it? Yes, I wanted this blog to fit into the “intentional” paradigm, but I also wanted to get across that much of the eating that we do here in our modern Westernized world, where food is available at any time and place, is unintentional. I especially emphasize the need to de-escalate the amount of sugar we have in our diets.