Savor this Fleeting Day–and All the Ones to Come

Christmas lights at twilightI had every intention of getting this post written at least by yesterday, but the rush of company, outings, etc., got in the way. It’s Christmas morning. I’m up early because I couldn’t sleep, so here are the thoughts I wanted to get down, and I plan to get the newsletter out later today in between the biscotti-baking, the green-bean casserole making, and the last-minute gift-wrapping flurry.

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Forgiveness Growing out of the Sandy Hook Tragedy.

Book cover for An Unseen Angel: A Mother's Story of Faith, Hope, and Healing after Sandy Hook, by Alissa ParkerAn Unseen Angel: A Mother’s Story of Faith, Hope and Healing after Sandy Hook by Alissa Parker, published by Shadow Mountain Publishers, 2017.  Available through many sources; cover image is from Deseret Book, the only website that allowed me to copy it. Visit the book website at An Unseen Angel.

I had this cute post I was going to write today, about how Wednesday at noon is the start of my “work at home” section of the week, and that I’d decided to institute a little treat to mark that point since I can then spray on some perfume. We’re asked not to wear “strong” fragrances to Bible Study Fellowship meetings, on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, and we are absolutely forbidden to wear any fragrances to Chorale rehearsals. Once I get home on Wednesdays, though, I can do what I want. Gretchen Rubin talks a lot about how we need to give ourselves treats, little indulgences that can add to our happiness but which won’t cause us more problems than they’re worth. (So my Reese’s peanut-butter cups don’t fit into this category.)

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A Sad but Uplifting Story

Man's arms holding a babyI have a few cooking blogs to which I subscribe, Smitten Kitchen, Sally’s Baking Addiction, and Pinch of Yum.  So back at the end of December suddenly there was an e-mail from POY titled “An Urgent Baby Update.” Lindsay Ostrom, the author of the recipes, was expecting a baby in April. She and her husband, Bjork, run this fantastically successful and profitable blog. I wrote a post about it back when I first discovered it. Blogs such as this one are much more than recipe repositories; they invite the readers into the authors’ lives.

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Memories of an Auschwitz Survivor.

Gateway of Auschwitz Death Camp: Work Makes You FreeThis morning I was driving across town listening to the radio and heard an interview with a Boulder man who survived Auschwitz. He was quite a character. No trace of self-pity at all. Flashes of very dry humor. Matter-of-fact accounting of incredibly horrible events, such as seeing his father beaten to death with a shovel for insulting a guard. Walter Plywaski was nine when Nazi soldiers came into his father’s pharmacy in Poland and told the Jewish family they had half an hour to leave.

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