A Glimpse into the Past

Michael Kitchen playing Foyle

Foyle’s War: The Home Front Files, British TV series 2002-2015. Available on Netflix and Amazon and numerous other outlets. Good source for info: www.imdb.com/title/tt0310455/.

​Well, last week I didn’t post about a book or a podcast or a movie, and this week I could talk about Beauty and the Beast, which I asked for as part of my birthday weekend and which we saw last night. (This trend of selling assigned movie seats is becoming quite a pain. Also, they’re pulling out the regular seats and putting in recliners, so there are fewer seats overall, but then I guess they’ve upped the prices. We always try to buy the discount tickets at King Soopers, but you can’t use them to book seats online. When we got there we were told there were three tickets left for the showing we wanted but they weren’t together and two of them were pretty close.

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