Three Wise Sayings on the Use of Time

clock and gears

More inspiration from my dear friend Nancy’s father, Gil Johnson, quoted at his funeral:

“Never let a day go by without learning something new.””No experience is a failure if you learn from it.”

“What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.”

I don’t think I can add much to these statements.  That last one, in particular, is a real shove in the right direction.  May I add a quotation from my own book on this subject?

“Time is even more unforgiving than money, because sometimes you can get your money back after you spend it, but that never, ever happens with time.”

Two for the Price of One

PicturePlato at the Googleplex:  Why Philosophy Won’t Go Away by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein.  New York:  Pantheon Books, 2014. Link is to the author’s website.

So . . .a 400+-page book on philosophy.  Real promising, isn’t it?  I hope I can persuade you to read it, even though parts of it are quite challenging and dense.  Sometimes you finish a book with a feeling of satisfaction:  “I made it through.”  Sometimes with almost a sigh of relief:  “So that’s what happened!”  But once in a great while, at least for me, there’s a feeling of regret:  “Now I won’t get to be in the company of these characters any more.”  And that’s how I felt about the character of Plato in this book.  Suddenly I realized, “Oh no!  I’m almost finished, and I don’t want to be.  I want to go along with Plato into more of our modern world, hearing his take on all sorts of other situations.”  I hope I can get across in this post what a charming, gracious, focused person Plato is in this book.  He is never defensive.

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