Clean Up Your Side of the Street!

snowplow at workWe continue to make our way through the chaos at our new home. Last night Jim started putting up the beautiful new sliding panel blinds on the patio door. I couldn’t begin to tell you how much time we spent agonizing over how we wanted to have those done.

I went in and spent at least an hour with this nice woman in the window treatments department at Lowe’s. Then Jim and I went in. Then we went back home and re-measured. Then we went in yet again

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Sponge Sayings

sea sponge sitting on a tableOne item you will never find in my kitchen is a sponge. I lhate them! They have all these crevices and crannies to trap debris and germs. You can tell how awful they are by the many helpful hints out there about how to sanitize them: boil them, put them through the dishwasher, microwave them. All of which is very well and good, but while the gunk may be sterilized and the germs killed, the sponge itself is still FILTHY. (One of our family sayings is “filthy, just filthy,” from a neighbor’s description of the old Magruder’s grocery store back in Virginia.)

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