Every Day You Live . . .

Goose and goslings looking at each other. . . is one less day you have left.

Sound morbid? It’s not. I quoted my dear friend Nancy’s father, something said at his funeral and which I wrote about last summer:

“What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.”

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I Am Becoming a Minimalist!

Have you ever seen the pictures of King Tut’s tomb as it looked the day that Howard Carter first broke through the wall, revealing those objects to the light of day for the first time in thousands of years? Well then, you may see a certain resemblance in these pictures. We too have our precious objects all piled up together. But, although you may not think that it looks as if anything has been done except for dumping, but believe you me (as my dad used to say), there’s been a ton of work done (mostly by Jim) to get this far. And now I’m realizing that I can get rid of a ton. (Might have been nice if I’d realized this before the move, but oh well.)

table on its side, desk piled with files

Rack of clothing and piled up stuff half wrapped furniture with piles of clothes

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One Milestone Passed

So today was the last regular class for Bible Study Fellowship, and we sat around in our circle and discussed the Gospel of John for the last time. I have always loved the final chapter of John, when Jesus appears to His disciples as they’ve been out fishing, tells them where to cast their nets, and invites them to come eat, cooking fish over the fire He’s built on the beach. I’ve just looked up the Sea of Tiberias and found the lovely painting pictured here by the French painter James Tissot. (By the way, I’d always assumed that the fish that ended up getting grilled was one of those caught by the disciples, but the wording of the actual text makes clear that Jesus had brought it along: “ When they landed, they saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it, and some bread.” [John 21:9 NIV]}

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This Sho’ Is a Happy Day!

Oscar winner Hattie McDanielHope you recognize the quotation in the title as being from Gone With the Wind. Mammy says it when Scarlet has her baby, although I can’t remember if it was baby #1 (Wade) or #2 (Bonnie). Bonnie’s the one who ends up being killed in a horse-riding accident. (Spoiler alert, and not that Bonnie has a thing to do with the subject of this post. Also, Hattie McDaniel, who played Mammy in the film, was looked upon by some as giving in to the racism of the novel by agreeing to play that part. And then she won the first Oscar ever by a black actor and couldn’t sit with the rest of the cast at the awards ceremony! Well, all that is a subject for another day.)

Anyway, why is this a happy day for us? Because our house is under contract. As I talked about in an earlier post, moving involves lots of drudgery, even this one.(We’re only moving across town, and we’re getting rid of a lot of furniture by

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Nothing Is Work if You Enjoy It.

biking in the snowToday’s pretty happy around our house. My son, Gideon, was informed today that he has been accepted in the MFA program in creative writing at Virginia Tech. Getting to this point has been a long, long process that actually started well over a year ago when Gideon was a senior in college. At that point he really wanted to go to grad school and worked pretty hard on writing all the ridiculous stuff that the various schools required—mission statements,

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How Happy Have We Been in this House?

Tomato ripening on the vineWell, yesterday the “for sale” sign went up on our front lawn. We are selling our lovely, lovely house (note that I don’t use the word “home”). I can still remember the day that we pulled up in the driveway and opened the front door. My heart just about stopped as I saw the soaring living room. (The heart issue might also have come from the fact that we’d set off the burglar alarm.) Then I remember the months-long stretch when the bank couldn’t seem to make up its mind to go ahead and sell us the house.

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“Gloria” Was Glorious!

I wasn’t able to post this until today because of some technical issues. What a total joy to participate in this concert! I did indeed try to be mindful throughout. Don’t know that there’s much more to say. If you live anywhere near Greenwood Village, CO, come to our next concert! I’ll start posting about our new music in January. In the meantime, take a look at what you missed.

Thoughts on Thankfulness

Here I sit the table cluttered with dishes, cups, leftover food, and utensilsday after Thanksgiving, at a kitchen table that still has dirty dishes on it, facing counters still piled with debris. Jim and I will launch a commando raid and get everything cleaned up later on. It would have been nice to get up to a clean kitchen this morning, but our guests stayed and stayed. Isn’t that great? The surest sign of a successful party is that people don’t want to leave. So I’m reminding myself as I sit here of the wonderful time we had last night sitting around this very table (and the one in the dining room, too, which is also still cluttered). How fast special events go by! Which is only another way of saying, how fast life goes by! Everyone left and I looked at Smoggy, our cantankerous cat and said, “Smoggy, Thanksgiving is all over for another year!”

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There is no elevator to success . . .


 . . . you have to take the stairs!

This anonymous proverb

 embodies the rather timeworn idea that there are no shortcuts to achieving a goal; you have to get there step by step.  We all know that isn’t true 100% of the time; once in a great while there’s a so-called “overnight” success.  (Including, I guess, viral videos.)

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