Yet Another Anti-Sugar Rant

white chocolate candyHope I’m not sounding like a broken record here, but I wanted to share some recent experiences with sugar intake that might save some of you from needlessly depriving yourselves of grain products. Many if not most people who think that going gluten-free is going to make them healthier are buying into a false premise. This is not to say, and I want to emphasize this point, that there isn’t real gluten intolerance, with the most extreme of course being full-blown celiac disease. But most of us need to cut out sugar, not gluten.

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The Freezer Chronicle


What’s in the freezer of someone who advocates for healthy eating?  Cheezy Weezies?  Low fat, high calorie cookies?  TV dinners?  Snacko-cakes?  Processed, low flavor foods?  Watch and find out.  (Sorry that parts of this are so dark.  We’re still very much newbies when it comes to shooting video.)

Inside the Fridge

Here’s a chance for an inside look:  in the fridge.  See what a writer who advocates for healthy eating actually has in the fridge.  Note that this is different from the classic “Livin’ in the Fridge“.