Small Choices with Big Consequences

boy at crossroads in a mazeI wrote last weekend about my “small, cushy adventure” at the Bible Study Fellowship area-wide conference at the Denver Convention Center. A great time of learning and blessing, And my position of being a group leader has also been a source of those same things. How did this all come about? From two very small choices. First of all, I wanted to join a daytime Bible study that fit in with my son’s then-schedule of taking the light rail to the Auraria campus for his classes. I did some online searches and found that there was a location just three miles from home with times that made it very doable for me to give him a ride. 

(If you’re wondering why he didn’t drive himself, the answer is that at that time, the fall of 2014, he was still finishing up chemo and was in a back brace because of his collapsed vertebra. He couldn’t turn his head and therefore couldn’t drive. Besides, the parking at the station was completely inadequate and so he’d have had to take the bus, not the world’s greatest tragedy but still very inefficient. So I drove him to the station! So shoot me!) Second, there was a mention at the beginning of this year that a couple of group leaders had had had to drop out, so I e-mailed the teaching leader and told her that I could take over a class if I were to be considered qualified. And so I got to take over a wonderful small group that has had great discussions and shared blessings and heartaches. All stemming (humanly speaking, anyway) from that online search undertaken in the summer of 2014. Next year I’ll be living on the other side of town and so will almost certainly change my BSF class to a location over there, but the fact still remains: a great part of my life, especially for this year, came about from a very small beginning.

And I’ve written many times about my involvement in the Cherry Creek Chorale (whose next concert is March 10 and 11, with an unusual program in its “American Songbook” series titled “Movies and Masterworks.” I would strongly urge you to follow the link and get your tickets if you live in the area!) How did my writing for the Chorale, and practicing with the Chorale, and serving food for the Chorale, activities that consume a goodly number of hours each week, come about? Another online search, looking for a Christmas concert near us back in December of 2011. I had joined another community choir and gotten to sing one Christmas concert with them, but because of various issues we weren’t able to have one that year. So my husband and I went to the CCC concert. ‘Wow,’ I remember thinking as I sat there, ‘How great it would be to sing with these people.’ So the following August I decided to audition. A very small decision. And look where it took me! I can’t imagine not being a member of this wonderful, wonderful group.

I think it’s often encouraging to consider how various aspects of our lives came about. ‘Why, if I hadn’t done that, look at what I would have missed!’ you may think. An occasion for gratitude is always a means of happiness.

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