Just Keep Plugging Away.

Flower growing out of rocksWell, Jim did something I wouldn’t have thought of doing about our whole carpet kerfuffle: he called in another carpet installer to give us his view on what can be done to get us over the finish line. This guy, whose full name I don’t know, had every reason in the world to tell us some big hoopty-doo about what he could/should do to help us out. But instead he assured us that the problem was eminently fixable. Yes, he said, it would have been best for all the old flooring to be completely removed and the new install to be over a clean concrete surface,

but at this point we’d be spending a huge amount of money and time to end up with possibly damaged carpet if we tried to get to that point. Much better to just work with what we have. He could bring in his guys to put in proper tack strips and re-attach the carpet, and all would be well. It would only take an hour or two and would cost no more than $250.

So that’s what we’re going to do. We will go ahead and pay our balance at the original carpet store and then turn right around and ask for a refund of at least the amount we’re having to pay the re-installers. We haven’t heard anything back from our letter to the VP of the company, but he may very well be on vacation or out of town over the holiday weekend. They haven’t heard the last from us! At the very least we’ll be filing a report with the Better Business Bureau. It’s not worth the hassle to refuse to pay, since we’re being threatened with a lien on the house, especially since we can go another route.

Whew! If the carpet shipment doesn’t come in for a job he’s waiting on, the re-installer guy (or RIG) may be able to do our little piddly job on Wednesday or Thursday. That sho’ would be a happy day! We could finally move in fully to our main living space. We could put up the window treatments. We could set up the office. Maybe we’ll even get the TV up on the wall and hooked up to the antenna and the internet. (Not that we’ve had much of a chance or need to watch TV, but still!) The kitchen and bathroom remodels won’t be finished until after we get back from our trip, but those don’t involve fighting with anyone. The end is in sight! We’ve just kept plugging along, learning new facts (that we’ll probably never use again), and pursuing several possible avenues. I think we’ve now reached a doable compromise. What a relief!

Do you have an ongoing issue that you need to pursue to its end? What’s the next step you can take? Is there a possible action you haven’t explored? Unfinished tasks hang over our heads, eating away at our energy and happiness.

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