A Lesson from a Life Well Lived.

Cake with happy birthday candlesphoto credit: Pixabay.com

What a weekend!  On Friday night I got to be a part of a jaw-droppingly beautiful wedding and make my famous cheesecake cupcakes.  Then, Sunday afternoon, our church hosted a 90th-birthday party for one of our members, and I was reminded of something that I’d heard at that funeral I attended earlier this summer and which  gave me so much to ponder:

“He was all about learning new things.”

As with that man, so with this one:  the secret to continuing vitality, to continuing to have an impact on others, is that you’re engaged with life, no matter how long or how short your actual lifespan turns out to be.  So our dear friend Ralph sang three numbers at his own birthday party: a Gospel song, a Mozart aria, and a Beethoven art song about a . . . flea.  He still takes voice lessons, and one of the guests who gave a tribute was his teacher.  Ralph has said to me many times about singing that “there’s so much to learn.” His life has had many moving parts.  Now he’s (sort of) retired from his career as an electrician, so he sings in a community chorale, travels to speak at many venues about his experiences in World War II and the Korean War, takes every opportunity to testify about his Christian faith, does an enormous amount of work at our church, and pursues an active social life.  Hey, we were honored to have him as one of the guests at our Super Bowl party.

What’s your life all about?

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